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Where are you located?

I host and am based out of Denver and I will travel to anywhere within an hour radius for outcalls. If you'd like to see me in any other location in Colorado over an hour away I would be happy to travel to you with a two hour appointment minimum and 20% deposit. I can also get us an incall with the same rules applied. 


What is your screening process?

I ask for one of the following three options:

1. A photo of your license (you can hide all personal info with your fingers. I just need to see your name and photo) along with a business card or LinkedIn.

2. Two provider references with their email address and website.

3. If you have more than two Okays on P411 from the last year you can send me a pre-screen request through there.

What should I bring along with me to our date?

This is completely up to you! I understand some clients don't drink and may not want me to drink either during appointments, so bringing along a bottle of something is definitely NOT a requirement.  You could bring a bottle with you as a gift or one for us to share, however, if you are in the mood to drink. I'm not very biased when it comes to wine, I just am not a fan of port wines, moscato, or anything too sweet. For summer dates I usually prefer to keep it light and drink champagne (Veuve Clicquot is one of my favorites) or something like a sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio. For the cooler months, red wine or champagne. However, I enjoy a French red in any season.  

Do you offer anything not listed on your website?

Unfortunately, no! I do not offer texting arrangements, photo exchanges, or webcam dates. I also do not offer half hour appointments. Overnights for first time clients are not available as sleeping next to a stranger makes me uncomfortable. 

Can I use you as a reference?

Yes! Of course you can use me as a reference. However, I only allow up to two references per each time that we meet within 1 year. This is because as time goes by, people change, so my experience and how you treat me could change as well, so I don't feel comfortable giving other girls the okay if I have not recently seen you.

I want to buy you something from your spoil me section. How do I get it to you?

You can either purchase it yourself and bring it along with you to our date or send me the amount for the gift and I can buy it myself (like if you wanted to buy me an item of clothing and have me wear it to our date). Or, if we have seen each other before at my incallyou can just ship it to my address.

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